Love is infused in Fashion. When I think about the great fashion designers of our time, I reflect on what ignitied them to create great design. Design is not for everyone, it originates from the heart, and the most emotional people are the most creative. Love is an ingredient in fashion, perhaps the main one, and I cannot sit here writing this and say I am not sensitive. I have loved, I’ve been unloved (heartbroken) but loved again. You see, love is everything. Love is people, love is music, love is dance, love is art – love is the alchemy of life.

When I started 7ofPARIS, I did so from my heart, from love. I played the piano in my early teenage years up until my 20s. Then in 2013, I quit music, but I still had to express myself and I turned to fashion. I channelled all that emotional energy into designing and hoping to have an online shop one day. After 2 years of sleepless nights designing, in 2017 I officially launched my first online shop, and 7ofPARIS is going from strength to stregnth ever since.

So whatever you do, please love … cause The fuel of life is Love.

Best wishes,


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