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There is a deep science behind success, it requires belief, persistence and patience. You must be driven towards your dream and 7ofPARIS belongs to the dreamers. Fuelled by art and eager for success, 7ofPARIS celebrates the ambitious, driven, and persistent humans. Deeply rooted in our ethos is reflecting positivity through unique quotes, as hope is the primary ingredient behind each design.

The brands DNA consists of three words; history, art and philosophy. Influencing people to success is a necessity and each logo/design has its own story. The brand and you are the journey, the journey we all are striving to achieve – the path to success.

One day our persistence will blossom, until then we continue to work.

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Affordable Luxury

The luxury brands of today focus on three things – Design, Quality and Typography. It’s that simple, but why do they think it’s okay to charge ridiculous prices. This is the primary reason why I started 7ofPARIS, I wanted people to feel beautiful with a brand that’s affordable and looks much likes your Louis Vuitton’s and Gucci’s of this World. 

I believe my brand has the infusion of art and philosophy. Firstly, the font logo has two types, but the combination of the two makes it appealing to the eye. Then the Eiffel tower representing Paris – the city where the Renaissance ended – a city that is a magnet for fashion. Finally, I tend to put slogans or quotes underneath the logo – that’s due to my love of philosophy. The three combined gives you a brand with a deep story, the story behind every person trying to succeed in life. We are all aiming to do better and the number 7 represents the path to success.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the support once I launched my online shop and hope you can find something you like. Thank you for reading this … thank you for your eyes. 

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Art also exists in typography and searching for fonts that pair well together is a quest, but once found it is a magnet to the eye. The infusion of serifs with sans serifs is crucial, however not all are destined to blossom. It takes experimentation along with taste to establish a connection, and the result – a contribution to art.

I was first introduced to the big brands of today whilst working in Harrods. From Prada to Gucci, each one had their own unique typography. It was apparent that fonts are instrumental to their success, sending its own message of elegance. I wanted to know how they created these ripples of creativity?

After a year of studying fonts through books, blogs, & articles I began to experiment. The result being – positioned in two words “Renaissance Couture” with the aim of selling affordable luxury.