The Renaissance is about the right of each person to express ones individuality & uniqueness.

We express this right in various ways; in freedom of speech and movement, or in more personal forms such as our appearance through fashion. Art is the nectar of creativity which allowed the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci to create synergy and fuel modern day artists with inspiration. The Renaissance period was the era where dreams were achieved, hence why the aim of our brand is to inspire people towards their goals and ambitions. The struggle is an ingredient to success, however you must weather the storm until you see the rewards. Your dream starts with a creative idea, but then come all the critical steps to achieve them. That’s why the quote “be Creative … act Critical” translates our DNA.

The dream is to change peoples’ lives through fashion philosophy. In fact, this is an obsession.

You see, the brand and you are the journey, the journey we are striving to achieve – success. One day, our persistence will blossom, until then – we continue to work. 7ofPARIS celebrates positive thinking in the truest form, where each product is a remedy to fashion, highlighting timeless design whilst igniting the trend-conscious. Our products are for those who have an appetite for simplicity through differentiation. Ultimately, this reflects each design, with artistic poetry. On another note, the 7th section of the city includes the Eiffel tower & our logo has an invisible resemblance. Inspired by Paris but designed in London:

7ofPARIS can be described as an infusion of art, philosophy and typography.