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  • ART

    Art is the fuel of creativity, be it music, film, or a painting. Art drives the creative flow into action, and without it, it’s tough to create. But not all people appreciate art, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Art, to the artist is sacred – for it translates the feeling he/she was going

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    Napoleon had a vision, which ultimately placed him in the history books for dominating European and Global affairs. Yes he was a military leader, but let’s stick to the second word – leader. His political stance and cultural legacy is praised upon in schools worldwide. So when I assigned a graphic designer to have Napoleon

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  • LOVE

    Love is infused in Fashion. When I think about the great fashion designers of our time, I reflect on what ignitied them to create great design. Design is not for everyone, it originates from the heart, and the most emotional people are the most creative. Love is an ingredient in fashion, perhaps the main one,

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    Alchemy is the process of turning metal into gold, and the T-Shirt line below defines this! The primary aim of our brand is to influence you to success, we do this through an infusion of design, typography & philosophy. In a sense, we act as a motivation vehicle through fashion with an obsession to succeed.

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    There is a deep science behind success, it requires belief, persistence and patience. You must be driven towards your dream and 7ofPARIS belongs to the dreamers. Fuelled by art and eager for success, 7ofPARIS celebrates the ambitious, driven, and persistent humans. Deeply rooted in our ethos is reflecting positivity through unique quotes, as hope is

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    The luxury brands of today focus on three things – Design, Quality and Typography. It’s that simple, but why do they think it’s okay to charge ridiculous prices. This is the primary reason why I started 7ofPARIS, I wanted people to feel beautiful with a brand that’s affordable and looks much likes your Louis Vuitton’s and

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